Emergency nonstop service

Emergency service offers the following:

  • It is always available outside  working hours  on the phone number: +420 602 791 265.
  • On the basis of a telephone appointment, the emergency service identifies the required component, verifies its availability. Alternatively, contact other colleagues, or vendors to secure the required parts.
  • After agreement with the customer, the part technician goes to the warehouse to prepare and dispense the goods to the customer.
  • If it is not possible to dispense a component at the point of storage, the part will be taken to the customer's place of business.


  • For emergency issue, the amount charged: CZK 600 without VAT
  • For an emergency delivery of the component to be manufactured, the amount  charged: 850 CZK excluding VAT - Valid for production up to 1 hour.
  • If production is more demanding or more hoses are produced - Additional charge 300 CZK without VAT for each additional hour of production.
  • Travel CZK 10 without VAT / km - The way to the customer + return to the company.
  • Time of the worker spent on the way 500 CZK / hour without VAT - Way to the customer + return to the company.
  • Accommodation based on actual costs. However, the maximum is 1200, -CZK per person per day.